Monday, March 1, 2010

Announcing Ethnic Skin Care Month

Fresh Radiant SkinBlack History month just ended but I think it's important to keep it going with a more specific focus on skin care for women of color. That's why I'm deeming the month of March as "Ethnic Skin Care Month."

Ethnic skin care month is not just about women of African descent but also Latinas, Native Americans and ALL women of color. We have special skin care concerns and addressing them during the month of March is what Ethnic skin care month is all about!

Going forward, beginning this year 2010 Reviyve LLC will be recognizing women of color and our specific care needs every March.  Here's a recent press release

Kicking off Ethnic Skin Care Month is the The Beautiful Woman of Color Contest.  Details here

Throughout the month of March, I will be offering:
  • Addressing common skin concerns for women of color
  • Offering skin type specific tips and information
  • Special savings on skin care products for dry, oily/acne prone and sensitive skin
  • Free mini beauty guides
Stay tuned here to receive further details and please do forward this announcement to every woman of color you may know.

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