Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Common Skin Problems for Women of Color

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While women of color come in beautiful shades and tones, with that beauty comes some common skin issues that need to be addressed.  Over the next month as we celebrate Ethnic Skin Care month, I will give an overview of some of the most common skin conditions that affect ethnic skin.

Along with an overview of the skin conditions, I will share some natural remedies that are affordable and have proven effective for many.  Now let's get started.

Some of the common skin problems that affect people of color are:

Acne/T-zone Oily skin problems
Hyper Pigmentation
Seborrhea Dermatitis
Dry Patches

There are also some not so common skin problems and I want to point out one of them - Vertiligo because of the discrimination of the condition toward people of color.

Vertiligo is a skin disorder where there's a sudden massive loss of pigment from the skin.
I will not go into debth about this skin condition but wanted to provide you with some startling quick facts:
  • Approximately 2% of people worldwide suffer with this skin disease
  • Cause of Vertiligo is unknown but it's suspected to be a hereditary and linked to certain auto-immune diseases like low thyroid function and alopecia (extreme baldness and bald patches)
  • Vertiligo affects people of color more than any other race
Now, through the rest of the month I will touch on each of the common skin conditions mentioned above as well as provide some alternative treatments and a few freebies along the way. Stay tuned...

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