Friday, February 27, 2009

Blended Naturals is making it's mark

Blended Naturals is a NEW mineral skin care and bath spa line making it's way into the world of beauty...

Beauty Bloggers around the country are recognizing the quality and effectiveness of this natural skin care line. From bath teas, shower gels, whipped body creams and salves to detoxifying cleansing gels, toner and brown sugar scrub and mask, Blended Naturals is rapidly becoming a hit in the world of beauty.

Like any beauty product, it take some time for the public to catch on. Of course, that's not the case with huge companies that have deep pockets and large R&D (research and development) teams. However, for those of us without a name.......yet, we have to work twice as hard to get our creations noticed.

I'm very proud to present Blended Naturals to the world.

Here are just a couple of bloggers who have reviewed this wonderful personal care product line:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Step into the Closet

Ha! I bet some of you thought of something else. Actually, the closet I'm talking about is Gabbriella's Closet. In Gabbriella's Closet, you will find a sampler box filled with goodies from various retailers around the country. Retailers have submitted their best work to include in Gabriella's Sampler Box. You'll find delightful candles, natural skin care (I was a contributor for February 2009!), perfume, lingerie and other hand made items.

What's wonderful about Gabbriella's Sampler is that every month you have the opportunity to obtain a different box of goodies. The sampler boxes are FILLED to the brim with items and retails for only $6 - $12. The $6 sampler is a small version of the $12 sampler box and contains approximately 5-6 samples while the larger sampler contains approximately 15 samples.

The goal of the Sampler is to advertise for the seller & to get great product in the hands of consumers. So, if you are a seller, click here > To Become a Sample Sponsor to either purchase a spot for advertising or get your samples in the box!

Customers- You can purchase one of these delightful sample boxes at Gabriella's Sampler

Check out what others are saying about Gabbriella's Sampler:

"OMG OMG OMG! I just got my box and I LOVE it. This is the greatest idea on Etsy and I am a huge fan. Thanks for making my late February thursday like Christmas and my birthday in one." DivaErinNYC 2.19.2009

"Great selection of lovely samples, thank you." LizFelgateCrafts" 2.07.2009

Check out the Fabulous Goodies today!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Planning and Executing a Spa Party Seamlessly

So you want to Have a Spa Party to promote your products or just to spend a fun and relaxing day with the girls?. My most recent Spa Party was a lot of work. I did however learn from the process and how to make it better.

My goal is to help someone else to plan their spa party easier than I did mine. I created a step by step guide that will assist you in planning and executing a spa party:

You can view pics of my Spa Party on this blog as well. Don't forget to Sign up to our RSS feed so you can stay up to date on informative articles related to beauty, skin care and more!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Blended Naturals Launch Party

To Welcome Blended Naturals, my new Dead Sea Mineral and Natural Skin Care and Bath Spa line, I had a Spa Party on February 7, 2009. It was a lot of fun. Here's what took place:

  • Facials
  • Foot Soaks
  • Product Sampling
  • Buffet Food (Notice in the video people mention the fantastic cupcakes...courtesy of
  • Music
  • Viewing of the bloopers for my YouTube Video (still a work in progress)
  • Raffling of several pampering items including a Spa Gift Basket, Memory Foam Slippers, a Homedics Massager, A vanilla bean Spa Night Gift Set and a last minute bottle of Organic Shower Gel
Check out the video of the spa party. My daughter played amateur videographer. It was nice and kind of silly in some ways since there was supposed to be no men but one of the ladies brought her son and of course there was my husband lurking around. He had to be there though. He was the cook!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Intrigue with the "Natural"

This weekend I attended a women's retreat and distributed a bunch of natural skin and bath care samples. I've discovered that people are more intrigued with using natural skin care products than I first anticipated.

Most people use popular consumer products because that's whey are conditioned to do. They are used to the big name brands because the manufacturers of these large brands have deep pockets and can put out some serious advertising (true or not) about these products.

When you introduce something new such as natural skin care, the reaction is more welcoming than anticipated. The women at the retreat were absolutely thrilled by the products and couldn't believe how clean and delightful the scents were and still have no heavy preservatives and chemicals in them.

So, if you are trying to promote a natural line of products, don't be discouraged. You'll be surprised at the level of interest. Many people are "going green" and trying to live healthier lives, that includes personal skin care products. More people are educating themselves about the pros of natural skin care and the cons & dangers of chemically laced products. The more people take an interest in what they put on their bodies, the more you will see people moving away from the so called popular brands and moving towards "the natural".
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