Saturday, October 31, 2009

NEW: Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Fragrance Review

Yves Saint Laurent recently released a new Eau de Parfum, Parisienne. I will give you the scoop on this new fragrance in just a bit but first, some clarity...

Normally, I don't review non-skin care related products because this blog's focus is primarily on providing information and tips on how to get and maintain fresh radiant healthy skin.

In addition, (let's not get it twisted), this blog's secondary purpose is to introduce and familiarize you with Blended Naturals (currently completing a transformation), a handcrafted line of 99-100% natural face, bath and body products that are especially beneficial for women of color who frequently experience issues with dry, sensitive and acne prone skin. You know, blacks, hispanics, native americans etc.  However, I had to share my opinion on Parisienne.  Now without further ado...

Yves Saint Laurent's new Eau De Parfum, Parisienne is FANTASTIC!  I give it 10 out of 10 starts.  I really like this scent which is odd because I don't typically like floral scents but this one is floral with fruity undertones: Blackberry - Damask Rose – Sandalwood   It's light and authoritative.

Parisienne keeps on keeping on throughout the majority of the day.  It retails for $39 for a 1 oz bottle, $65 for a 1.5 oz bottle and $85 for a 3 oz bottle.  That's not too hard on the wallet for this delectable fragrance.

The one thing I didn't care for is the whole "sex sells" message that's used to promote the fragrance. I think this product could sell just fine on it's own with adding all the sex undertones.

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