Monday, November 2, 2009

Hand Creams - Which One Is Right For Your Hands?

A few weeks back I was introduced to two new hand creams.  Often in our quest for healthy skin, we tend to neglect the "little" areas like our hands.

What's interesting about the two hand creams that I am about to introduce to you are their differences.  While both hand creams are effective, they are effective for different reasons.  One is actually a daily moisturizing hand lotion made with natural ingredients like Avocado.  The other is a hydrating hand repair cream that's not made from mostly natural ingredients but is an anti-wrinkle formula with an SPF of 20.

Over the past several weeks, I've consistently used both of these hand creams, switching up between the two and there was a measurable difference noticed.

Zo Skin Health ORASER Daily Hand Repair, SPF 20
($65 at Website of Zein Obagi, MD)
PROS: Produced a slight softening of the skin on my fingers;  Key ingredients are very beneficial for healthy skin: Amino acids, Antioxidants, Retinol
CONS: My skin felt dry after a short period;  Smells a little too medicinal; Expensive but probably because the product line is a pharmaceutical grade skin care product.

So while, Zo Skin Health ORASER hand repair cream does somewhat tighten the skin over time, I still felt the need to moisturize my hands after a while.  Also, note that the product doesn't readily reveal it's inactive ingredients on the actual package which is where most people look for it.  Maybe it was on the box but I don't recall. I discarded the box because it was taking up space.  Also, I had to look up the ingredients at their website.

All About Hands Avocado Daily Moisture Hand Lotion
(small bottle only $7 available at the link above)
PROS: This hand lotion leaves the hands really feeling soft.  The scent is very soft, natural (contains avocado, olive and almond oils) and pleasant.  The moisture is well retained throughout the majority of the day or until you wash your hands. Inexpensive
CONS: Honestly, I can't find but one. The fact that it doesn't have a sun protection factor may be the only negative.
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