Thursday, October 29, 2009

Acne Treatment with Hair Care Products - Introducing Kairos

If you have problems with forehead, jawline, neck or upper back acne, you are going to love Kairos Anti-Acne Hair Care line developed to treat and prevent acne.

Kairos was developed by a nurse practitioner and registered nurse by the names of Catherine Parker and Doreen Campbell, respectively. Their philosophy is that the ingredients in our hair care products could be impacting our skin, influencing acne.  I tend to agree.  I actually wrote an article about it not too long ago, entitled, "Acne Breakouts - Is Your Hair the Culprit?"

The Kairos product line consists of:
  • Clarifying Complexion Clearing Shampoo
  • Balancing Breakout Controlling Conditioner
  • Oil Reducing Pore Perfecting Treatment
  • Clear Finish Hair Spray
There are other products in the line but these are the ones I have. 

The Kairos system has a 3 fold approach:
  • To eliminate acne irritating and pore clogging ingredients
  • To unclog pores
  • To prevent the over production of oil in the skin, which we all know influences an acne breakout.
I use the shampoo, conditioner and treatment on my jawline and upper back area.  I even let my 14  year old daughter try the shampoo on a few pimples she developed on the side of her face while she was on her menses.  For the skin, the results were astounding.  The acne pimples dried up within 24 hours and my skin was not left feeling overly dry.

So by now, you should know, I don't sugar coat anything.  If I like a product, I say so and why.  If I don't like a product I say so and why.

For the Kairos shampoo, conditioner and treatment, I give an impressive 8 out of 10 stars.  Why not 10 out of 10?  One reason which may not be a big deal to most people but is somewhat of an issue for me...While the shampoo effectively treated a breakout and helped dry it out rapidly, it also stripped my hair of the oils and left it feeling too dry.  If you have oily hair, this may be a good thing for you.   For hair that is normal or dry, you will definitely want to follow with an all natural moisturizing shampoo.  Natural because remember, the goal is to eliminate skin aggravating ingredients.

The Kairos conditioner did help make the hair more manageable but didn't restore my natural oils.  I was taught (and partially why I have a decent hair of head today), that us black women should not wash our hair until it's squeaky clean.  You want to leave some of the natural oils on the hair.  The Kairos shampoo left my hair too squeaky clean.  That's what a clarifying shampoo is supposed to do and it's doing it's job.

I will probably continue to use the Kairos shampoo treatment to combat any hair induced breakouts I may get since I do use heavy hair products at times (ie JAM).  However, I will also continue to use WEN by Chaz Dean as my primary shampoo and conditioner for softening my hair.  Since, my hair is all natural and only straightened with a flat iron, I have to keep it as manageable as possible.

Hey, sometimes you need one product to accomplish one goal and other to accomplish another goal. They don't call it being a product junkie for nothing!

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