Friday, September 25, 2009

Tractenberg Visit and Brands

Moving right along on Total Beauty's summit was a visit to Tractenberg and Co., PR giants for a number of popular brands: Diesel, Banana Republic, Jergen's, Laura Hoffman and much more.

Being at the offices of Tractenberg was a hectic and almost overwhelming experience.  There were so many brands to look at that I think I was getting information overload!  Some brands weren't really impressive to me but there were quite a few that really stood out from the crowd for a number of reasons and those are the ones that I want to share with you.  If you are anything like me, only the brands with the best scents, best ingredients and most attractive packaging will do.

Below are some of the brands that Tractenberg provides public relations for and here's why I like them:

I like Glowology by Noodle & Boo for their lightly fragrant scents and the fact that the products are formulated for sensitive skin.  The packaging is also attractive.  I will be using some of the products and can't wait to tell you if they are gentle for the skin.  I have dry body skin so I'm also interested in discovering if these products are good moisturizers.  The only downside is the logo reminds me of Johnson & Johnson. While they are also a great brand, I think it's important to have your own brand stand out and not be equated with another (unless of course that's your goal)

Sexy man scent, fantastic bottle design. Gave it to my husband, Enough said!

These designer foot cushions by Foot Petals work wonders to prevent your feet from getting sore.  I word the Tip Toes with some high heel sandals the other day and they were so comfortable.  Kept my feet from sliding forward in the shoe.

Just the name, Miss Oops caught my attention. Isn't it the cutest??  They carry a number of beauty saving/solving products but what caught my eye was the boob tube. It's a stretchable lace bandeau that covers up your cleavage when your neck line dips down just a little too low.

Lastly, if you have kiddies like me, So Cozy Haircare for Children is a natural hair cleansing and conditioning system that's gentle for your little pumpkins.  It's available at the Vitamin Shop and at many online stores.

So those were the brands that really caught my eye at Tractenberg. I received a number of other full size products to try.  This was quite generous so I will be giving you the 411 on how I think they fair.

Of course, it's beneficial to get the products in the hands of people who will create a buzz but it's also beneficial for those of us receiving the products.  I get to inform people like you about the best brands.  Plus, I barely have to spend money on my personal care items :-)

Stick with me. I'm going to share with you my review of a number of skin care, makeup and beauty products that I believe will help you to have fresh radiant skin...or at least look like you do.

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