Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chanel For Us All?

So, next stop on the Total Beauty tour was Chanel. I kind of pushed them to the back burner for a bit because I honestly don't have much to offer in the way of a positive review.  Victoria's Secret was first, then Chanel.  I shared  my Kiehl's experience with you already. They were just so darned special that I had to tell you first!

Chanel is known for their upscale pricing and services. While they are a renowned beauty brand, I have something to say about their products. . .

Chanel is not for me. As a matter of fact, I don't think it's a brand that is beneficial for women of color. After sampling a number of their anti-wrinkle products, my skin was left feeling very dry. I got this same feedback from another black blogger. If you have normal skin with wrinkle concerns AND are willing to invest some $$$ in your skin care, perhaps some of the products may be for you

Chanel does have some fabulous clothing designs though!

At our stop at the Chanel store in NYC, me and my fellow Total Beauty blog girls received an in depth overview of how Chanel's products are manufactured. While the process seemed a little interested in the beginning, their presentation was entirely too long. Do I really care how they make the products, down to their scientist scouring the world for some rare plant???? Nope.  It's kind of like what Nancy Gerber says, "If you have a leak under your kitchen sink and your kitchen is flooded, do you prefer the plumber take each tool out of the bag and explain how the tool is used, or do you want him to stop the water from ruining your kitchen floor?"  This is how I felt about Chanel's presentation in a nutshell.

All I care about is are the ingredients safe and natural. The presentation that was given by the Chanel ladies was not only long, it was almost condescending in some ways. Now, that's no reflection on the company as a whole. Clearly, they are a stellar brand and are pleasing some type of consumer. It's just not for me.

Chanel did however send us on our way with a nice little bag that contained samples of some of their products as well as a bottle of signature nail colour. The nail polish is nice but probably not a color I would normally buy for my brown skin:

The journey continues. . . I will share with you (in a day or so when I get my bearings), my next stop on the beauty tour. . . Tractenberg & Co. They are one of the largest PR firms around and boy do I have a lot to share about them.  Stay tuned.

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