Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Plaza Hotel, Whish and Sponge Skin Care Reviews

If you are into beauty and fashion, you will love The Plaza Hotel's shops.  I encountered a number of beauty brands on my beauty tour with Total Beauty.  The shops were exquisite and there were a number of perfume, skin care and makeup brands being offered. I can't possibly  share them all but I will tell you about the ones that stood out from the rest...at least for me:

Whish Body Products -This skin care line is really for those of us who want gentle products.  The product lines are paraben free, sulfate free, petrochemical free and contain natural and organic ingredients.  I received their Pomegranate Sugar Scrub and Ingrown Hair Serum which is supposed to be beneficial for preventing hair bumps after a shave.

Whish Pomegranate Sugar Scrub smelled so delicious I could eat it!  I've since used the product and while the ingredients are natural and the results are good, I felt like I had to use too much of this product to feel like I was getting my skin treated.  There is no foaming action, not even a little.  I expected this because of the lack of Sodium Laurel Sulfate.  However, I think there are other ingredients that are natural that can be added to created a little bit of a creamy consistency.  As for the products results, the feeling of your skin afterwords is amazing.  It feels like you have already added moisturizer.  The skin is left feeling smooth and soft.

PROS: The light scent is amazing and natural.  Skin is left soft and moisturized.
CONS: Sugar scrub could be a little more creamy.  An added natural ingredient that accomplishes this is suggested.

Sponge Skin Care- The natural aromas from this skin care line gave me such a euphoric experience.  I love natural skin care products and the fresh scents provided by Sponge were wonderful.  They just released a new herbal cleanser gel that I received and have since been using.  While I do like that the products are gentle, the one issue I have is with the facial cleanser. It's a gel but it is very thin.  I like thicker gels because it makes the cleansing process more enriching, making the skin feel really clean without over drying.

The scent of Sponge's cleansing gel was light and not the most pleasant but not horrible as well.

PROS: Sponge products contain certified organically organically grown or wild crafted herbs. On top of that, the products are handmade!  Just like my Blended Naturals line.
CONS: Gel cleanser could be a little thicker and the essential oil selection should be changed to offer a slightly more pleasant scent. Otherwise, unscent the facial products.

If you are ever in New York, you have to visit The Plaza (If not, visit the websites of the products I mentioned). You can pick up some of these products and if you are in doubt, they will also provide you a sample to try.  Tip: Bring lots of cash :-)

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