Sunday, July 12, 2009

Natural Hair Conditioner Recipe

Guess what? Your beauty regimen can consist of ingredients right in your own home. Below is a natural beauty recipe you can use to make your own hair conditioner. It's quick and easy:

1. Mix the yolk from an egg with a tablespoon of castor oil and apply to hair.

2. Let sit for approximately ten minutes and then rinse thoroughly

That's it! This homemade hair conditioner can be used any time you want to experience shiny, healthy looking hair.

Natural products can sometimes be more expensive than the chemically based products on the market (most things that are better for you cost more ie. organic. That's the world we live in). However, they are worth the slightly added cost because they are safer for you and are just as, if not more effective. Therefore, In a few days I'll share a natural facial mask recipe that can be used as an alternative for those who may not have the money to buy natural skin care products.

Sure, I could share it now but then you wouldn't come back for more would ya? :-)

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