Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Caress Skinwear Collection

Hello there all my fellow natural skin care lovers! As a member of TotalBeauty's Sneak Peek program, I will periodically be expressing my opinion on a wide range of beauty products and accessories. I greet my natural skin care lovers with a hearty hello today because when you read what I have to say on the products recently sent to me, you will totally relate to what I'm about to share. I also want to hear from you!

Well, this month I was sent Caress' New Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash (suggested retail $3.99-$4.49) and Beauty Bar (2 bar suggested retail $2.99) with burn brown sugar and karite butter... and here's my 411:

First, let me say that I only used the exfoliating body wash and soap just once on my hand and forearm. Then, I threw it away! Why you may ask? Well, for starters it's a matter of preference. Let me expound....

My preference of skin care items first and foremost is safety. I choose to use products formulated with natural ingredients and these commercial products by Caress are loaded with chemicals (don't let the brown sugar and karite butter fool ya - they are listed as ingredients AFTER many of the chemicals) so I refuse to continue using them. The only reason I used it this once was to fulfill my obligation of providing my opinion on the products sent to me.

While my skin was left feeling soft with a lingering scent, the scent was VERY artificial. Even my daughter asked, "What's that strong smell?" when I opened it. The body wash does exfoliate the skin but what are you rubbing into your skin ??? Sodium Laurel Sulfate*! That's what makes the product creamy. However, repeated, extended use of products with chemicals like this in them can cause you more harm than good. I didn't even read all of the ingredients. When I noticed that SLS was all the way at the top of the ingredient list, making it one of the most abundant ingredients, I didn't need to read anymore. Read more about SLS here.

In addition to the SLS, I could barely pronounce some of the other ingredients listed on the bottle. This body wash is too fake for my delicate skin and especially those with sensitive skin, yours too. The soap bar had no ingredients listed on the box I was sent (what the?) but you can assume the same...chock full of chemicals. The only difference I could tell between the soap and the body wash is that the soap has a lighter scent. I Do Not recommend the use of these chemically laden, artificially smelling skin care (and can we really call it that?) products by Caress.

To body exfoliate, I recommend using sugar body scrubs that are more formulated with nature's ingredients. I personally use Blended Naturals Organic Sugar Scrub scented with essential oils which most of you know is my private line. Nevertheless, I would have used the Caress line or any other skin care line had it been formulated with safe ingredients I could actually pronounce. One thing Caress did get right was designing attractive, sleek packaging. I guess they do know their marketing.

Anyway, as I'll say again, what you use on your skin is a matter of preference. However, I do want you to be educated. At approximately $4 these Caress products are cheap and the body wash does exfoliate the skin. If you don't mind the chemicals and artificial scent, knock yourself out...

Note: My son sees a pediatric dentist who specializes in treating children with special needs in the Bronx and Westchester in NY. He confirmed for me that Sodium Laurel Sulfate can cause mouth ulcers. Now you decide.

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