Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Dead Sea

In our quest to have fresh radiant skin, I can not neglect to present to you The Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is a major resource for many natural skin care manufacturers due to it's extremely rich mineral content and the fact that's it's completely pollution-free. This is optimal for producing products such as balms, salves and bath salts. How many places in the world can boast such an oasis?

The Dead Sea is located in Jordan and the Jordan River is the ONLY river that flows into the Dead Sea with absolutely no outlets. The weather is perfect - Sunny and pleasant throughout the entire year.

The surrounding areas to The Dead Sea have such a rich mineral content (rich in sodium, potassium, bromine and other minerals, extremely beneficial for fresh radiant skin) coupled with reduced radiation. This is a prime location that has been discovered to have therapeutic healing effects.

Fun Fact: The Dead Sea was a place of peace and safety for King David as recorded in The Holy Bible

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