Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cutesy Q Tip Boxes

When you think about all the accessories you need to include in your beauty arsenal you probably focus on your make up brushes, compact cases and the like. However, have you considered the little items that can help rescue your beauty routine such as Q-tips cotton swabs? You can use Q-Tips to apply, blend and touch up makeup and more.

Well, Unilever has just released new Q-tips vanity packs available in four designs that are great for sitting on your counter tops or vanity areas. While these new vanity pack cases are more attractive than the traditional box of Q-tips I'm not in love with the designs as much as I would be if they had more contrasting designs and were a different shape. The boxes (shown in the photo below) are just square little boxes that have a slide out drawer. Convenient but not all that innovative. If I were Unilever, I would have designed the new Q-tips cases in maybe a pentagon shape with a pop up dispenser. Well, that's just me because I think if you are going to release a product on the market to rival competitors - for people to add to their beauty and vanity tables, it should be cutesy but also something that stands out. True enough, there isn't another cotton swab on the market that can match that of Q-tips quality but I still think it's a great idea to differentiate Q-tips even further by offering an innovative design. I would have also made the cases sharply contrast each other. Maybe one case with circle designs or rainbow colors on it. This way you have a nice variety for people to choose from.

However, I'm not the product manufacturer so if I had to choose from one of the four designs it would have to be the orange and gold one because it matches my vanity area perfectly since I have a golden armoire. Of course my daughter chose the red one since it's her absolute fav color!

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