Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Chapstick True Shimmer

ChapStick has come out with a new True Shimmer lip balm in a variety of flavors which I have been trying for the last week or so as part of TotalBeauty's product evaluation program. I've used 4 flavors:

Blended Fruit Sherbert
Peppermint Rush
Botanical Berry

I always like to begin every product evaluation with the positives because I prefer to operate from the saying, "See the glass half full, not half empty... or something like that!"

There are a couple of things I like about this product. Like I mentioned in one of my other reviews, I look for usability, likability and staying power (and ingredients). Well, I not only like the flavors of the ChapStick True Shimmer lip balm, I love that it tastes really good! The flavors are sooo good and this new version of ChapStick provides long lasting moisture for the lips and it's not real geasy. I'd also like to not that the product packaging is very attractive - not upscale but down to earth and friendly looking.

There are TWO things I don't like about this product. One is that the shimmery effect actually makes my lips appear a little ashy. I believe the reason is my complexion which is a bit of a bummer as I believe products should be constructed to accommodate all skin tones. If you have a lighter skin tone you won't have this problem. The second and most important reason for me is that this product contains parabens and paraffin which are ingredients I like to avoid due to the potential for them to cause health problems after prolonged use. The ingredient list states that there are only 1% of parabens in the product but I prefer to use products with 0% of it. Therefore, I won't continue use of this product. However, some people don't care if their skin care products contain these ingredients. To each his own.

So my suggestion for wearing the ChapStick True Shimmer if you don't mind the ingredients is:

For Medium to Darker Skin: Apply ChapStick True Shimmer under lipstick for extra moisture

For Lighter Skin: Apply as recommended above or wear alone for a nice subtle shimmer.

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