Sunday, June 14, 2009

Avon's Spa Finder

I recently purchased Avon's SpaFinder Facial Cleansing System and I have to say that this little product is quite handy and effective. It comes with a facial brush for gentle exfoliation, a massage head for gentle massaging and a sponge buffer for gentle polishing.

So what is polishing the face for?

I was wondering the same thing myself so I did a little research and discovered that exfoliation can be accomplished with scrubs or polishes. The exfoliation process is to remove dead skin cells that are sitting on the surface of your skin.

Scrubs are exfoliants that typically contain particles a little larger in size (ex: sugar scrub) while polishes (ex: contains ingredients such as orange peel or strawberry seeds) are a little smoother and less harsh on sensitive skin. Both products are effective and it's really a matter of how sensitive your skin is. I have sensitive skin but I use a brown sugar scrub which doesn't irritate at all. That could also be because it's combined with Kaolin clay, Shea Butter and Olive Oil which melt the granules into the skin which condition the skin and form a smooth decongesting mask.

So back to Avon's SpaFinder Facial Cleansing System....This is a convenient and effective product for those who do not have a lot of money but want a some type of spa treatment experience. At just $9.99 (currently on sale), you can complete your skin care treatments with less effort and in less time. You also won't have to messy up your hands so this is a good deal.

The only issue I have with the SpaFinder is with the brush attachment. While it is very gentle, it is a little flimsy but hey it's only $9.99 and still a good buy. Plus it's not that big a deal if you take care of your belongings. This shouldn't be too difficult as it comes with the nice case shown in the photo.

If you are interested in the SpaFinder System, you can get it on avon's website at:


If you are looking for a more upscale facial system, then you may be pleased with the Clarisonic Skin Care System. It's $195 but check out the features and benefits:

  • Pampers skin with instant softness, with just 1 minute
  • Clears pores of environmental toxins, makeup and bacteria ~ without abrasion or harsh chemicals
  • Clinically shown to remove more than 6x the amount of makeup
  • Increases absorption of moisturizers more than 60%
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Cordless
  • Adjustable power levels for different skin types
  • Built in Charger
  • Used by leading dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and Spas
CLARISONIC Skin Care Brush Limited Edition Pink, Breast Cancer Awareness + 2 oz Cleanser

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