Saturday, June 20, 2009

Diva Day - A Girl's Day of Fabulous Fun

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive diva event: "LIGHTS! CAMERA!...I DO WANT TO BE FABULOUS, DIVA DAY OF FUN" at the Spark Center in New York City. While this event was all about getting your divaness on, the proceeds benefited the Beauties On The Go Teen L.U.V.E Program.

I wanted to write you about my experience at the event when I got home on Friday evening but I felt awful. Allergies were kicking me in the pants and then I developed a fever and pinched nerve in my neck. So much for my divaness! Even today I don't feel so good. However, I didn't want to lose my flow or forget to share this diva event.

I met some interesting, fun, talented, goal oriented, fantastic divas and received some useful beauty information that I'd like to share. However, before I do let me say that while the event didn't turn out the way it was planned for us vendors, it was a lot of fun.

So what did the Girls Day of Being Fun and Fabulous entail? Well, there were some fantastic beauty enforcers there and they performed mini- makeovers and in my case a miracle makeover!

  • Make-Up by Artis Di Faccia
  • Eyebrows by Elke Von Freudenberg, Eyebrow Specialist (She is a real prize. Can you believe she donated her time and talent for no cost? - Serious classy lady who can fix ANY eyebrow. Here's a great tip she gave me: "To get your eyebrows to grow in, scrub them with a medium-course sugar scrub to stimulate the hair follicles. Do this 2-3x weekly. Now see, normally when us ladies apply our exfoliant, we usually avoid the eye and eyebrow area. Well, if you have a brow that just refuses to grow in after being botched up by one of the so called eyebrow archers at the nail salons (you know what I'm talking about), try this method. I'm certainly going to since I have one eyebrow that has a thin spot that hasn't filled in for years thanks to the...nevermind. It certainly can't hurt to try it.
    "Your eyebrows should be as fashionable as you are!" Elke
  • Photography by Michelle (this lady can make the ugliest woman look appealing in a picture). Michelle's tip: "Smile with your eyes for a more appealing photo." I tend to over smile in most of my pics. Also, "Lighting is Everything." I will share Michelle's beautiful work once I get the photos.
  • A group of vendors (including yours truly) offering the most gorgeous jewelry I've ever seen seriously (Stella and Dot and Finishing Touches Accessories), very sexy personal items (can you say tickle me pink?) Visit Diana at the Booty Parlor or Carline at Wicked Pleasure Passion Parties if you want to pick up a little sumethin' sumethin' to make your husband go wild! You can even book a sexy shopping party from one of these sexy party consultants!
  • A lady from Primerica was also at the event. Her services could be a great asset, especially during this time of economic stability. Miss Lady if you read this blog, contact me so I can give you a proper shout out!
In addition to the events, we were served an assortment of hors d'oeuvres (cheese, fruit, muffins and other snacks) from Whole Foods. Unfortunately, the original caterer got stuck in a 5 car pile up accident. No worries, they weren't hurt but the traffic (surprise...NYC) was horrendous so a last minute plan B was kicked into effect. While it was not expected, I will say that while Whole Foods is ridiculously overpriced, their cheese is amazing. Or maybe I was just hungry? Nah, it was really good.

All in all, while the diva event didn't go exactly as planned and the turn out was slim, it was a lot of fun. For those ladies that were a no show (can you believe women wouldn't show after paying their money?), their loss. At a mere $30, the services offered at this event were a steal. So, for those of you in the New York area, check back on my blog regularly. An upcoming diva event offered by Alba's Exclusive Events is currently in the works, Purses & Hi-Heels: Networking in Style"
It's Never Too Late To Be A Diva!

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Alba's Exclusive Events said...

Thanks Michelle, It was a pleasure to meet you face to face. To all Diva's!

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