Monday, June 22, 2009

Rocking Jewel Toned Eyeliner

Ok this isn't one of my normal posts (or maybe it shall be or will become!) but just had to share, especially with those who have the same or close to the same complexion as mine.

I took a quiz on to find out my best eyeliner colors and how to wear them. Here are my results:

"Your best jewel tones: Any vibrant jewel tone you like. (woo hoo!)
Complexions like yours have carte blanche to experiment with any jewel tone. MAC West Coast director of makeup artistry Gregory Arlt recommends staying away from reds and magentas, which can make you look a little sick. "If you must try them, mix them with black or use a gradation of color," he says." (no worries here. I knew this one. Red is way too out there for me. I love my bronzes, golds, and turquoise blue...yeeah baby!)

Pro secret: "The darker the complexion, the more you start to really see the jewel tone," says Arlt. To get rich, true color that won't transfer to lids, opt for waterproof pencils with medium softness. (now this is what I'm talking about - Remember the Kohl Eyeliner by L'Oreal Paris? Well, it doesn't say it's waterproof on the bottle but it appears to be and is the perfect eyeliner in my opinion. It could be a little softer though)

Take the Quiz here to find out your best eyeliner colors:

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