Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Def of External Beauty

Hi everyone-

I'm back. (why does this feel like I'm writing a letter to a pen pal) So, it seems as the more I write, the more I want to write. Funny thing is I seem to enjoy this more than the processing of orders for my online stores - which is the reason i got into this in the first place!

Anyway, I was riding on the subway on my long commute home from my day job and I began to think about what I would blog about next. I was thinking, "Suppose I run out of things to say??!" (As IF) That's when I started looking around at different people and starting thinking about the subject of external beauty.

When I think about external beauty, I don't have this image of skinny women with long hair and perfect skin. Years ago, I may have had that image in my head when thinking about external beauty. On the contrary, now when I think about external beauty I envision women of all races... Black, White, Asian, Indian, Mexican and so on. Each of these women possesses some thing that gives them external beauty. It does not mean she has the whole package as the media likes to portray beautiful. She may not have pretty teeth but look at that gorgeous mane of hair. She may not have long pretty hair but look at how beautiful her skin is. Ok, she may not have flawless skin but did you see those gorgeous brown eyes? Maybe she has no outstanding facial features but she has a shape like a coke bottle.

Image courtesy of Dove campaign

I guess what I'm trying to say to every woman who I am privileged to have read this, is that regardless of your race, weight, hair texture or height, you have something that God blessed you with that makes you beautiful.

I'm not about to toot my own horn here but I want to prove a point. I used to think I was ugly. I had big feet and a gap in my teeth to match BUT then one day, I grew to those feet and the gap seemed to shrink (or I grew) and is appealing to many. I began to see that while I don't have a model's figure, I sure do have a nice head of hair and some pretty little eyes (or so I'm told).

The point I'm trying to make is that external beauty is not about what you are made up to be but it's about what you possess naturally. Here's where I like to differentiate. Usually when a person is deemed physically unattractive by others, people will point out their inner beauty. This is not about that. I accept the challenge to be able to point out someone's outer beauty. There's nothing more hurtful than to think you are physically unattractive and then have some tell you all about your inner beauty. Women don't want to hear that mess! All of us want to feel we have some form of external beauty.

Now, what I'm about to say is not meant to be taken the wrong way. I'm happily married to a MAN. However, I can look at any woman who thinks she's not attractive and find something externally beautiful about her.

To wrap it all up, let me just advise: work with what you have. Take care of yourself. If you are overweight, wear the most slammin' outfits you can find. If you have short hair, get it cut in a nice style and accentuate your baby blues or baby browns. Put on some make up! Nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and accentuate what you have. Ladies, get your nails done or do them yourself. Don't allow anyone to make you feel physically un-beautiful. It's a lie. You got it like that girl! Now, work it!

Michelle, The overzealous writer on a mission to help women to feel empowered!


Snowberry Creek said...

I feel empowered, Michelle! Great post. You are right, everyone possesses good external qualities. If we use what we have and build off of those qualities, we will feel and look beautiful.

Glad you're on a mission to make women feel more empowered and beautiful.

Marjorie & Maureen said...

Great post Michelle....love it! If we all take the time to appreciate our attributes, we would love ourselves so much more. Thanks for the reminder.


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