Friday, April 10, 2009

5 Day Cleanse - Late Afternoon

Lord I want to eat!! I can not believe I feel so tempted to eat already. I took my daughter to Target and the second I walk in, the smell of fresh popcorn hits me. how cruel. I walked around Target praying in the spirit and praying to God to help me. I only went to Target to pick up some moisturizer for my daughter's hair since she just came from the hairdresser. i honestly didn't consider that I would be surrounded with all this junk food.

Oh and guess what my darling daughter did with her considerate self? She decides to buy not one but two boxes of Cheeze Its, a bag of Starburst jelly beans a Rainbow smoothie, Tropicana orange juice and a hotdog! (notice how I recall in great detail the brands and flavors of food she bought) Oh and to boot.... she even got Starburst lip balm! I even wanted to eat that.

Did I mention I got to do the long drive home (15 mins) inhaling her hotdog?!!

On a brighter note, while I feel like eating, I'm not experiencing any headaches just a slight bit of naussea. BUT it's for the greater good and every time I feel like I want to eat, I tell myself that my body needs this and I deserve to get healthy.

1 Day almost down, 4 more to go

Until later...

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