Friday, April 10, 2009

5 Day Cleanse - Day 1 Morning

Hello Beautiful People!

So, it's the first day of my 5 day cleanse and I started out with a very positive attitude and I'm doing pretty good without having had a solid breakfast. Now, for some of you that's no biggie. You may skip breakfast daily. Well, I don't and I'm not used to no food. So, here's what I'v done so far:
  • Got up and prayed (I need God every day but especially now!)
  • Checked email and packaged up some aromatherapy candles for an upcoming fundraiser
  • Had my first shake of the day. It consists of Young Living's Balance Complete mixed with a 1/2 banana, handful of Wolfberries and vanilla rice milk. With that I took 2 ounces of Young Living's NingXa Red - a powerful antioxidant and a Digest + Cleanse tablet
  • Drank my first 8 ounces of water for the day

All in all I'm in a pretty good mood but I can see this going awry around 3pm when I usually crave cookies! However, I will persevere! For my health's sake and definitely so I can restore fresh radiant skin :)

Stay tuned!


Gabbriella said...

hang in there girlfriend.....I have been doing a cleanse 2x a year (spring & fall) for the last 24 years....the results are amazing...more energy...clearer thinking...better sleep...& much more....

Michelle said...

thanks. i think i'm going to just go to bed early to make the time go by faster.

i've attempted cleanses before and fasts but never got past day one. i always gave in. this time i'm determined to see this through so i can restore my energy and my skin. i've always had pretty skin and as of the last few months i've been eating so poorly that it's been reflected in my skin. no more

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