Sunday, April 12, 2009

5 Day Cleanse - Day 3

Good Morning all-

So, I made through day 2 of the cleanse and day three is getting easier. I woke up with no hunger pangs and no headache. Yesterday I did have this weird indigestion but that's gone. I still would love to eat some wonderful food I miss but it's not an intense urge anymore.

Last night I received encouragement to continue. When I went to church my pastor talked about passing tests. He even had a moment of humor where he said people talk about making their businesses million dollar companies and taking their companies to the top etc.......but they can't even conquer a cookie. That hit home. How can I do big things and conquer all sorts of challenges and tests when I can't even push my plate aside for 5 days to do a cleanse? This gave me strength.

So, today will be easy and I know it. It's Resurrection Sunday and I know that if Jesus could turn his plate down for 40 days and 40 nights, 5 days is nothing. Today, I plan to accomplish some things in my home (cleaning etc.) and then do my grandmother's taxes and wash my hair. Then on to day 4 of the nutritive cleanse. The days are winding down and I look forward to eating a...........................salad! That's right. What's the since of doing a cleanse if I'm going to put crap right back into my body??

I highly doubt I'll be back on the computer to talk about the rest of my day while on this cleanse since I have so much to do and plus I don't think I'll need to whine to anyone today lol

Stay tuned

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Snowberry Creek said...

I nominated you for an award on our blog.

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