Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fight Acne

Acne sufferers have searched for decades on ways to improve acne prone skin. I'm an advocate for the fresh and natural so I've researched a bit about what natural ingredients can help fight off acne:

Brown Sugar: Brown sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid which is used to treat acne

Dead Sea Minerals: The Dead Sea has a salt concentration that is 10 times higher regular sea salt which can help reduce inflammation and heal skin tissues.
Dead Sea Salt contains twenty-one minerals including magnesium, sulfur and bromide. Magnesium has anti-allergic properties and helps the skin tissues to heal quickly. Sulfur is a naturally powerful disinfectant. Behind every case of acne is a bacteria. Bromide is beneficial for soothing the skin.
Dead Sea Salt is also beneficial for Seborrheic Dermatitis

So there you have some very powerful natural ingredients to help fight acne.

Where can you get a product that contains
ALL of these natural wonders?

Reviyve Dead Sea Cosmetics online store offers a combination Brown Sugar Scrub and Mask that contains Brown Sugar AND Dead Sea Salt. All reviews on this natural acne fighter are a rave!

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