Friday, March 20, 2009

Exfoliation with Sugar

Skin Cell turnaround is approximately every 3-5 days depending on the individual. Ever wonder why your skin sometimes has a washed out look and lacks luster? That could be because you have a dying or dead layer of skin sitting right on top of a healthy layer. Exfoliation removes or peels off dead layers of skin, thereby promoting an even skin tone and healthier skin. Exfoliation also helps to release stored up toxins in the skin cells.

Not only should you exfoliate your face once per week but you should also exfoliate your body skin. To effectively exfoliate your skin, you have to wash the skin in a circular fashion with a granulated product. Here's a simple 2 step process for exfoliating:
  1. Buy a pair of exfoliation gloves or an exfoliating sponge pad and some body sugar scrub (Dead Sea Salts are also good)
  2. When showering, rub the sugar scrub all over the body in gentle circular motions to remove dead skin cells
While there are many products on the market, the most beneficial are those that are as natural as possible. What's the purpose of releasing toxins in the skin to replace them with chemicals from your skin care products?

Here is a complete exfoliation kit that you can find at for only $25. it contains lavender exfoliating gloves, Dead Sea Salts formulated with lavender essential oil and a complimentary soy candle scented with lavender essential oil:

For only $16.95, This long-lasting Sugar Scrub is customizable with your choice of Lemon, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Honey Almond, Mint Thyme, Lemon Sage/Ginger, or Bergamot/Grapefruit Organic Essential Oils or Essential Oil Blends. Not only can you exfoliate away dead skin cells, you can enjoy & experience the aromatherapeutic effects of essential oils. What a steal! What are you waiting for? Pick up your Organic Sugar Scrub today.

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