Sunday, March 29, 2009

Body Lotion vs. Body Cream

When considering how to care for your body skin, you need to be aware of the types of moisturizers you use on your body. To start, for optimal skin moisture the first ingredient of any moisturizer should be water. Essential Oils are also a huge benefit.

Both body cream and body lotions have the ability to be greasy or non-greasy depending on the type of ingredients. The type of skin you have (i.e. dry or oily) should determine the type of body moisturizer you use. Body cream and body lotion are both emollients. However, body creams tend to be a little thicker in consistency. Since during the winter months, skin has a tendency to be more dry, I recommend the use of body cream. During the summer months, lotion is probably more suitable for the skin. However, it's really a personal preference. As long as either or both have water as the first ingredient and an oil as the second ingredient, you should likely experiment to see which your skin prefers.

I tend to prefer body cream over body lotion because while lotions absorb more quickly, body creams tend to keep my skin moisturized much longer. In the winter months I prefer a body balm loaded with essential oils for optimal moisture.

My daughter has eczema on one of her arms which flares up mostly in the winter months. I use Blended Naturals Balm/Salve with Sweet Orange essential oil and within days her skin is smoothed out and healed right up. I noticed however when I used the plain balm without any essential oils, there was no effect on the eczema other than moisturizing the skin. The Essential Oils added healing properties to the balm.

I think it's a good thing to note that when considering fragrance in a body lotion or body cream, it's better for your skin to use products that are scented with essential oils vs. fragrance oils or other artificial ingredients.

Here's to Fresh Radiant skin!

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