Sunday, January 18, 2009

Soften Your Skin by Changing 5 Habits

Every woman wants pretty skin, healthy skin, softer skin. What if I told you that there are 5 habits you can change that will get you well on the path to having softer skin?

Many women focus on the obvious: Nice hair and make up, a fly get-up (outfit) and let's not forget a pair of slammin' shoes and accessories to boot. But what about the part of you that may not seem as important just looking at it or after you take off the make up? Not everyone has a problem with skin conditions such as acne but does that mean that your skin is soft and healthy?

Here are 5 Habits you can change TODAY to get you on the path of Softer Skin:

1- Neglecting Water. It's been emphasized by many and is worth repeating. If you are not drinking enough water and moisturizing your skin, you are starving your skin of the moisture it needs to be soft and supple. Starting today, make it your business to drink one glass of water every hour. Set your clock if you need to. But, it doesn't stop there. Spritz your face with distilled water a couple of times of day. Now, I'm not saying soak it. To spritz means to lightly mist. This is to be done preferably indoors during the colder months.

2- Towel Drying Skin. When washing your skin, instead of toweling off, let your skin air dry and moisturize with a natural moisturizer that seals in moisture. Check out
Organic Whipped Body Cream.

3- Smoking. If you smoke, stop it. I know that sounds easier said than done and I don't mean to sound harsh. I have never experienced being addicted to nicotine so I'm not attempting to pass judgment. However, consider this: Smoking causes your skin to age faster because the tiny vessels in the epidermis of the skin begin to narrow, decreasing the blood flow which eventually leads to oxygen depletion. When you smoke, you are literally depriving your skin of the oxygen it needs and accelerating the aging process.

4- Not Exfoliating. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells that sit on the top of healthy skin. Skin cell turn around is approximately 3-5 days. By exfoliating with a gentle facial scrub, you will remove those dead skin cells, giving you healthy, softer skin. So, make sure to exfoliate a minimum of twice per week.

5- Wearing Talc based Make up. Most make up for the exception of Natural Mineral Make up contains talc. While the jury is out on the safety of talc, it does however cause your skin to dry out. Therefore avoid make up with talc in it. Natural Mineral Make up is much kinder and gentler on the skin.

Here's to Softer Skin. Take the Journey!

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