Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Valentines Day - All The Single Ladies Put Your Hands Up!

The blog post title is hot right? I admit I was singing Beyonce's Single Ladies song....

Valentine's Day is 39 days away and counting.  Why am I bringing up this day when it's a little over a month away?  For a good reason.  For those of us who have somebody in our lives to romance us, we don't give much thought to the day and when it's coming.  It gets here when it gets here right?  Well, for many Valentine's Day can be lonely and depressing and some can't wait for the day to have come and gone.  After all it's a day for couples....lovers.  But suppose you aren't in a romantic relationship?

That's when loving yourself becomes REALLY important.  Look at Kate Gosselin.

Since she recently divorced, I don't think that she'll be spending Valentine's Day as a couple! Yet she is doing her!  I'm proud of Kate really. Check out Kate Gosselin's new hairdo on the cover of People.

Who says you can't romance yourself? And why not on Valentine's Day?  Why not treat yourself to a luxurious evening out on the town enjoying a five course dinner and then come home to enjoy deliciously scented candles, scrumptious chocolates, and a delectable body scrub and such?  Nothing freaky about that.  Think about it.

Unless you are married (and even that's not a guarantee now days), statistics show that the chances of spending next year's Valentine's Day along with every year to come with the same person is not really probable.  Therefore, why not spend this day with the one person you KNOW will never leave you?

If you are single, there are many things you can do to celebrate the occasion. Here's a link to a recent article, "Ideas for Singles on Valentine's Day" with more detail.  Don't let cupid creep up on ya!

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Shelly said...

Hi Michelle,

Nope you are not alone when it comes to advertising good ole' V Day early!! Love your site!!


Michelle said...


We do what we have to do. :)

I have a new product I'm about to introduce for the ladies that will be a hit for Valentine's Day. It is a great gift for mom's, grandmom's and yourself!


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