Friday, January 8, 2010

Dr Oz's Pimple Wisdom

Sibu BeautyI'm home today thanks to my son's school bus not showing up.  Apparently someone called their son Christopher out and the bus company assumed it my son!  Hence, I'm sitting here watching Doctor Oz and he's doing a pimple popping demonstration.  I must admit; it is seriously disgusting.  I'm going to spare you the details but will share with you his advice for how to pop a pimple without cause skin irritation.

First off, if a pimple is not above the level of the skin, LEAVE IT ALONE.  Don't go digging for it.

If the pimple is above the level of the skin, it's ok to pop it but there are some things you must do to make sure it's done right so you don't cause a bunch of scarring:

  1. Clean around the sides of the pimple with alcohol
  2. Wipe off the alcohol with a warm cloth
  3. Sterilize a needle with a flame
  4. Puncture the pimple by lancing it from the side to create an opening.  Do not stick the needle in the center.  Lift up the skin to create an opening from the side.
  5. Then you can begin to squeeze out the pus.
 Basically, the idea that you should squeeze a pimple is a myth.  You shouldn't squeeze it. You want to pop it when it's ready.  Squeezing can cause an infection and scarring.  Trust me.  After watching Doctor Oz demonstrate.  There's a difference.

Also, here's a natural pimple remedy:
  • Sea Buckthorn oil - It's an anti inflammatory solution that can be used on pimples to exfoliate.  I love that Doctor Oz shared this because it's an all natural herbal remedy to help clear up acne.  What's also great is you can consume Sea Buckthorn Oil internally to revitalize and renew cell function.

    You can also purchase beauty products that contain pure Sea Buckthorn oil:
SEABUCKTHORN SUPERFRUIT Juice, Oils, Beauty Products from Himalayan Superfruit Seabuckthorn
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