Monday, January 18, 2010

7 Diva Tips for Celebrating Valentine's Day In Style

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and I wanted to help my fellow divas and diva wanna-bes alike to prepare for this auspicious occassion LOL  Ok it's a little special for those of with mates. However, even if you don't have a mate, you can still be a diva for Valentine's Day!  Here are some tips (some may not be what you expect):
  1. This Valentine's Day, keep it classy.  A diva's attire should be classy yet moderately sexy.
  2. A true Diva pays with cash.  She does not go into debt trying to give the impression that she's "all that."  On the contrary, a diva keeps out of debt and plans for a day like Valentine's Day by creating a spending plan in advance of the day.

  3. Pamper yourself before going out on the town.  Hair, nails, feet, the works.  A true diva recognizes that's shes special and must care for herself first before expecting attention from others.
  4. Accessorize!  Make sure you have the perfectly matching diva ensemble.  Jewelry, shoes and handbag should compliment your diva attire.
  5. A true Diva doesn't always have to have everything be all about her.  She's also giving.  Don't forget to pick up something nice for your man for your evening out.
  6. Skip public transportation on this day.  A car service is preferred for sacheing you around for your night out on the town.
  7. Diva without a date? You can still enjoy Valentine's Day.  This is the one day you can make all about you if you are single.  After some self-pampering, take yourself to the movies or show and out to dinner. Make it a day of splurging on numero uno.
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