Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How Shea Butter Benefits Dry Skin & Promotes Radiance

Considering that we are smack dab at the onset of winter, it's highly appropriate to keep presenting to you the types of products that will benefit your skin, especially if you typically have problems with dry skin.  Since I tend to have dry skin myself, I've come to realize that being super proactive with moisturizing and pampering during these harsh temperatures is essential.  Well, that is if you want to keep your skin from looking like a road map to no where.

While Shea Butter is widely known for it's rich moisturizing properties which is great for dry skin, have you ever considered the other benefits Shea Butter has for the skin?
  • The fatty acids in Shea Butter help with the renewal of skin cells
  • Protects against sun damage with it's natural properties that include Vitamin A and Vitamin D
  • Accelerates healing from sun damage
  • Eases itchiness in dry, irritated skin associated with Eczema and Dermatitis
  • Helps to even out uneven skin tone
  • Minimizes appearance of stretch marks over time
  • Provides relief from irritation after shaving
  • Has minimal sunscreen properties (not to substitute sunscreen with recommended SPF levels but still a good quality to have)
Shea Butter is nature's gift to humanity.  Use it as indicated and use it frequently for fresh, radiant skin!
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LaKeisha Hankins-Marketing Coach said...

Great Post. I just started using products recently that are good for you that contain shea butter and other antioxidants and you can definitely see the difference as your nourish your skin.

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