Monday, December 21, 2009

Boost Your Dry Skin Care

Assuming you are using the right products for your dry skin needs, your skin care product should be pretty effective.  But what if you want to boost that product's effectiveness?  Chances are your dry skin product is a basic moisturizer...first ingredient water, second ingredient an oil like olive or hemp oil (no mineral oil or petroleum).  This is what makes a moisturizer truly effective (and no alcohol please).

To boost the effectiveness of the moisturizer, consider adding or buying a moisturizer with added essential oils.  Sure, essential oils are great to add a light fragrance to your product but they are so much more worthy than that of just being a "scenter."

Now hold your horses.  Don't just go out and buy any essential oil.  Not all are indicated for boosting moisture or improving dry skin.  Here are a few of the ones that have really added a boost for me and my daughter:

Orange Essential Oil - Supports collagen formation in the skin which helps your skin's elasticity (prevents wrinkles!).  It also helps your skin to be more radiant as it contains enzymes that promote the removal of dead skin cells.

Lemongrass Essential Oil - Helps balance skin moisture and helps rejuvenate dull, dry skin.  Lemon oil also helps fight cellulite and softens the skin.

Lavender Essential Oil - Not just for calming moods and uplifting emotions, Lavender helps boost moisture levels in dry skin.

Almond Essential Oil - Suitable for all skin types, almond oil is long known for it's skin beautifying properties.  It helps to relieve dry, itchy skin as it nourishes and helps boost moisture.

Try adding one of the above essential oils to your moisturizing creams or lotions or check out Blended Naturals Organic Shea Butter Balm - available with Lemon or Orange essential oil.

Also available is an Exotic Almond Sweet Cocoa Butter Cream.  These dry skin busters have the essential oils already mixed in and guess what? First ingredient is purified water (already a component of the Shea Butter)...what you need for your moisturizer to succeed.

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