Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dry Skin Tips

Is dry skin causing you to feel itchy or uncomfortable?  If so, I feel you.  I tend to be predisposed to dry skin on my back and legs.

Let me share some dry skin tips with you that are very helpful, especially during these winter months:
  • Don't use lotion if your skin is super dry. Stock up on creams or shea butter. They are much more effective
  • Moisturize right out of the shower while skin is damp but not wet.  This will seal in your moisture
  • Use handmade natural soap.  It doesn't contain the dreaded, drying sodium laurel sulfate
  • When bathing add a few drops of an essential water to your bath water.  Try Jasmine or Cedarwood.  Coconut and Almond oil are also effective.
  • Avoid hot showers which strips your skin of it's natural oils.  
  • Avoid products with alcohol in them. Natural is best whenever possible
Finally, the best way to combat dry skin is to be diligent!  Moisturize more frequently and increase your intake of Omega oils so you can deal with the problem of dry skin from the inside out.

Recommended Dry Skin Product:

Organic Shea Butter Balm - This product is extremely moisturizing and a #1 friend to those with dry cracked skin conditions. Shea Butter balm softens rough skin patches and even helps prevent wrinkles.  Shea Butter also reduces appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Product is handcrafted, long lasting and retails for only $16

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