Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Revitalift Eye Repair Duo Review

L'Oreal Paris offers a breakthrough for those with deep set under eye wrinkles. This product is a dual eye cream which consists of an AM cream with SPF 15 that needs to be applied after your morning cleanse routine and prior to sun exposure. Then there's a PM cream that is to be applied at night also after cleansing. By using both creams, L'Oreal claims that the fiber-restoring complex will help to repair broken skin fibers around the eyes.

While I don't have any under eye wrinkles, I've been using Advanced RevitaLift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair 24 hour Eye Repair Duo for the past week to evaluate the product for Total Beauty's Sneak Peak Program. I was anxious to see if there would be any visible changes in my under eye area.

Here are my findings:

Usability (Effectiveness) - A 10 all the way, I was amazed at how my under eye area appear to smooth out. Again, while I don't have wrinkles under or around my eyes, the Revitalift formula still caused my skin to look smoother and more youthful. Another big benefit of this product is you see visible changes within a few minutes. This product reminds me of another that I use because it plumps the skin around the eye area.

Likability- An 8 . I like that the product has one tube with the AM on one end and the PM on the other. The packaging is very practical. I do however think that the SPF should be 30 for extra protection, especially since the eye area is very sensitive.

What I don't like is while the product does appear to be effective at doing what it claims to, it's still filled with synthetic ingredients. Anyone who has been reading my reviews knows by now that I prefer natural ingredients. That's the reason I gave this product an 8 versus a 10. However, if you don't mind the chemical ingredients then you will like this product. It delivers results and only retails for approximately $19.99

*For those interested in a natural anti wrinkle remedy that is a serum versus a cream, try Blended Naturals Mineral Under Eye Serum

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