Sunday, August 16, 2009

Black Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, people with more pigment in the skin tend to suffer with common skin problems such as acne and severe dry skin. Black people in general have dry skin conditions and will benefit from specialized black skin care products. Some of us also deal with oily skin on the face...usually a T-zone where the oily portion is the forehead, nose and chin areas.

Upon further evaluation and feedback for my product line, Blended Naturals I realized that this is truly a black skin care products line. Most of my repeat customers are of African decent. That's not to say that people of other skin types and races can't use the products. It's more a reflection of the fact that these products are so beneficial for dry skin sufferers and those who also have eczema of which tend to be black people and those with additional pigment

My daughter gets eczema and our Organic Shea Butter and Soy Balm with Sweet Orange Essential Oil quickly restores moisture to the skin. In addition to that, the facial skin care products are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

I invite anyone who has severe dry skin or sensitive skin to try these products, but especially those who are interested in black skin care. Use special discount code of REVIVE for savings.

Michelle Howard Smith is an Infopreneur and helps individuals to achieve healthy skin by providing an array of information on how to care for the skin with natural products. Subscribe to The Skin Natural newsletter to receive information on black skin care and similar topics.

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Snowberry Creek said...

What a great post...this is enlightening for me. There are others that will benefit from this information.

Thanks for coming by and making an honest post. I replied to you on our blog. Please feel free to go back and promote your products...tell people all about them. Leave a link to this post, so everyone that needs this information will have it. :)

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