Saturday, May 30, 2009

Treating Back Acne

The warm months are here and that means nasty sweating and increased back acne for some folks. It sounds like such a gross topic but it's not an uncommon problem. I used to deal with it but it's pretty much gone. Now I'm dealing with back heat rash - go figure. I'll research that one next.

Anyway, Acne is a common problem but it is a little more difficult treating back acne than it is to treat facial acne due to location. Back acne is caused by clogged sebaceous (oil) glands that have attracted the growth of bacteria. You can treat mild back acne with body washes that contain salicylic acid. More severe back acne may require a trip to the dermatologist.

Sometimes treating back acne with natural remedies are quite effective. Here are a few natural remedies to treat back acne:

  1. Apply Therapeutic Grade Tea Tree Oil directly to the affected area. All natural tea tree oil soap can be used regularly to prevent future back acne outbreaks.

  2. Apply Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential oil directly to the affected area. Lavender Essential Oil is a natural antiseptic and is effective for treating wounds and scar prevention.

  3. Apply water diluted apple cider vinegar to back acne twice daily. Increase to a 50% apple cider vinegar, 50% water solution after about a week with no signs of irritation. Apple cider vinegar is a natural astringent. If your skin is sensitive, you may need to user a weaker, more diluted solution.
If you suffer from back acne, while treating back acne with any of these remedies may be effective, also be sure to avoid clothing items or bed sheets that are washed in harsh chemicals. This can irritate back acne.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils can be obtained from Young Living. You'll need to purchase from a distributor. You can use distributor #1066504

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