Sunday, February 22, 2009

Step into the Closet

Ha! I bet some of you thought of something else. Actually, the closet I'm talking about is Gabbriella's Closet. In Gabbriella's Closet, you will find a sampler box filled with goodies from various retailers around the country. Retailers have submitted their best work to include in Gabriella's Sampler Box. You'll find delightful candles, natural skin care (I was a contributor for February 2009!), perfume, lingerie and other hand made items.

What's wonderful about Gabbriella's Sampler is that every month you have the opportunity to obtain a different box of goodies. The sampler boxes are FILLED to the brim with items and retails for only $6 - $12. The $6 sampler is a small version of the $12 sampler box and contains approximately 5-6 samples while the larger sampler contains approximately 15 samples.

The goal of the Sampler is to advertise for the seller & to get great product in the hands of consumers. So, if you are a seller, click here > To Become a Sample Sponsor to either purchase a spot for advertising or get your samples in the box!

Customers- You can purchase one of these delightful sample boxes at Gabriella's Sampler

Check out what others are saying about Gabbriella's Sampler:

"OMG OMG OMG! I just got my box and I LOVE it. This is the greatest idea on Etsy and I am a huge fan. Thanks for making my late February thursday like Christmas and my birthday in one." DivaErinNYC 2.19.2009

"Great selection of lovely samples, thank you." LizFelgateCrafts" 2.07.2009

Check out the Fabulous Goodies today!


Gabbriella said...

love you :)

Miss Marsh said...

This is great. I'm going to check this out right away and make a purchase! Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I can't wait to check out more of your posts.

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