Saturday, October 24, 2009

Free Skin Hydrotherapy At Home

As a member of Total Beauty, I have access to tons of great beauty tips.  Some of it isn't for skin like mine (and yours if you are a woman of color).  However, whatever I come across that I know will be useful, I pass it on to you!  This one is about hydrotherapy...

Your shower is the place to go when you need a free hydration treatment. Since this blog is for women with all kinds of skin issues, dry skin is probably a problem for you on some part of your body!

A hydration treatment at home is a comparable solution to expensive spa treatments.  Here's what to do:
  1. Run the shower water until it becomes hot and steamy
  2. Jump right in!
  3. Let the steamy water roll down your body for about five minutes then switch to 20 seconds of cold water (I know, it may be a shock for a minute but keep going)
  4. Repeat, starting with the steamy water.  This hot to cold water technique will hydrate your skin and stimulate the blood flow.
 The Result: A fresh radiant glow
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