Friday, October 16, 2009

Added Exfoliation with No Added Cost

So, if you've been following this blog you know that I'm a big fan of exfoliating regularly (no more than twice a week though).  Exfoliation smooths your skin and removed dead skin cells so that a nice, fresh layer of radiant skin can be seen.

Well, there's good news for the frugal.  If you just don't find it important enough to spend the money on or if you don't have the $$ to buy an exfoliating scrub, here comes Baking Soda to the rescue!

Baking Soda is known for its odor killing properties but guess what? It can help you exfoliate too!  Yep.  Just add a half of a teaspoon of your favorite Baking Soda (I know none other than Arm & Hammer) to your facial or body cleanser and exfoliate away.  The best part is you can do this regardless of your skin type but for those with dry skin, make sure you moisturize with a good quality moisturizer right away.

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