Friday, September 4, 2009

Sustainable Youth Anti-wrinkle System - Review

Recently, I was introduced to a new vegan, organic and all natural anti-wrinkle system called Immune Performance from Sustainable Youth Technologies. Whew that was a mouth full. The system consists of 3 products: an elasticity cream, a revitalizing serum and a daily supplement. Before I share my opinion on the effectiveness of the products, let me explain what each product claims to do.

After clinical studies, each of the following products were reported to improve skin elasticity in as little as one week and an improvement by 61-72% after 8 weeks :

Immune Performance Elasticity Cream with Alasta (an ingredient that is supposed to stimulate the immune system) and organic essential oils is supposed to soothe, hydrate and improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Immune Performance Revitalizing Serum with Alasta is supposed to the skin's texture, elasticity and firmness.

Immune Performance Elastifirm Supplement with Alasta is a vegan formula that is supposed to help improve skin elasticity and firmness from the inside out.

So, I've been using the serum and cream regularly for a few weeks (haven't used the supplements) to see how the products actually perform. It was a little difficult for me to determine any change in my skin in this short amount of time. I definitely did not see results in a week as reported. However, I can say that the products are very gentle. I have very sensitivite skin that is very reactive. This new line by Sustainable Youth is clearly using natural ingredients because they are very gentle and soothing to the skin.

I particularly liked how my skin felt after using the serum which is very light. It is recommended that the serum be used twice a day underneath the cream. However, this seems a bit much for the individual who really doesn't have any wrinkle problems. Plus, you would have to use a sunscreen on top of it and underneath your make up. That's just too much product for me. I prefer to use the serum in the day and the cream at night.

The one thing I don't like about the products are price. To get each of these products online at would run you $225 (now on sale for $150) and that does not include tax or shipping if applicable. They do have a 30 day risk free trial available.

Now, I realize that anti-wrinkle creams and products of the like can be quite pricey but $80 for one ounce of product just seems a little exibortant especially when there are comparable products on the market for less. On the flip side, the 30 day supply of the supplement is $65 and that's not too bad of a price. I guess it depends on how much you are willing to spend and how many products you are willing to use to fight wrinkles. Also, note that natural products are usually more expensive. It's like food, the better it is for you, the more it costs.

I'm going to put the products I normally use on hold and continue using these products by Sustainable Youth until the bottles are empty because should I truly see a visible change in my skin, I want to come back and let you all know!

Michelle Howard Smith is a natural skin care professional and helps individuals to achieve healthy skin by providing an array of information on how to care for the skin with natural products. Subscribe to The Skin Natural newsletter to receive information on skin care and similar topics.

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