Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 2 of The Total Beauty Experience

Yesterday I shared with you an overview of the first day of the Total Beauty Beauty Tour and Blog Summit I attended.  Below is an overview of Thursday's events.  It was very informative and lot less taxing on my feet!  We spent the day at L'Oreal's Tech Center in NYC and received a full day crash course on how to improve ou PR relationships, the quality of our blog content and how to improve revenue opportunities.

Thursday's Blog Summit Day:
  • Breakfast at L'Oreal
  • Attended a workshop that addressed answers to at home hair color questions. Here is a pic of some of the ladies coloring hair:

    (God forbid we were to color real hair LOL)

  • Took a break to get Makeup Touchups

  • Attended seminar on how to increase the traffic to my blog and websites with SEO. The facilitator, Stoney deGeyer is an amazingly kind dude.  He was chock full of info and very personable.  His company is called Pole Position Marketing.  Stop by his site for some search engine and marketing help. Especially, check his blog.

  • Learned from PR expert Lauren Donner, Asst. VP at Tractenberg. She explained what PR companies need to to hear from you in order to find you interesting as well as how to be politically correct at events.

  • Had lunch with the TotalBeauty team and met with some of the L'Oreal execs. - Nice, down to earth, personable people! Lunch was also very nice. I had the chicken and potatoes. Had to have my carbs LOL

  • Came back from lunch and L'Oreal had us design our own makeup look on a piece of paper. We
    turned it in and guess what?  They are going to send us the products!  We also got to keep the products we used.

  • Learned how to improve my blog's content, images, and ad positioning.  This information was presented by Colleen Padilla, Founder of; Jennifer Romolini, Deputy Editor of Yahoo! Shine; Rachael Been, Photo Editor at AOL Stylelist and Total Beauty's own Beth Mayall, Editor in Chief.  She is one of the friendliest, most classy ladies I've ever met.
Throughout the day, L'Oreal did it again.  They graciously gave each of us a $100 certificate to shop at the company store! I was shocked really. After what I received when I got home the night before, I didn't expect anything else.  Here's what they sent:

The cute little lipstick tube in the pic above is what they gave us upon departure.  It's actually a flash drive!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I can not forget to mention and thank Chris Alexander.  He is the Community Manager for us bloggers at and he is phenomenal.  This guy keeps us all sane!  He helped keep the agenda moving along smoothly.   Chris eminates kindness, structure and character.   I'm sure the Total Beauty team and my fellow bloggers agree.  It was great to finally meet him.

Our summit ended with a Happy Hour Cocktail Party with L'Oreal and some networking.

Stay Tuned for EVEN More (including pics and video) on the Beauty  Tour, Summit and Fashion Night Out in New York!

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Lukeither said...

OMG! How exciting. Free products, meal and awesome speakers and awesome women to network with. I like the lipstick flash drive...tooooo cute!

It sounds like that was a big success and will give you a solid foundation to grow your don't forget to share with us at The Real Business Moms of Atlanta
Lukeither Willingham, Web Developer

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