Thursday, June 11, 2009

L'Oreal Paris High Intensity Pigments - My 50 Cents

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that I received a generous supply of L'Oreal Paris' NEW High Intensity Pigments Presso Lip Gloss in 4 shades and Kohl Eyeliner in Navy and Gold (pictured to your left).

I am ready to give my 50 cents on these two products now but before I do, I'd like to share the criteria I use to evaluate just about any beauty product. Aside for a product's particular features such as ingredients and package design, I use real practical evaluators to help me decide if a product is a "No" or a "Go." Those evaluators would be:
  1. Ease of Usability
  2. Likability and
  3. Staying Power

Ease of Usability:

The Presso Lip Gloss is easy to use but the applicator tube is a bit messy after dispensing the two colors. Sure, the gloss glides on easily enough but when mixing the two colors, I notice I have to wipe the applicator tip off after each use, which I never had to do with my other glosses. The one difference I notice between my other lip gloss applicator and the Presso Lip Gloss' applicator is the slope of the tip. My suggestion to L'Oreal would be to maybe lengthen the applicator tip a bit. Perhaps, that will make the application less messy.

The Kohl Eyeliner is so easy to apply, I couldn't believe how easy. I usually have to line my eye more than once to get a dark enough line to my liking. The Kohl Eyeliner is probably one of the best liners I've ever used, better than your average liquid liner. My only usability critique is that the applicator tip could be softer. If you're like me and apply your eyeliner to the inner rim of the bottom lid, then you could appreciate what I mean.


While the Presso lip gloss appears in pretty bright shades in the tube, it doesn't deliver a satisfying amount of color. It may be because I have darker skin but even still. I've used other glosses in similar colors that delivered a much deeper color to my lips. What I can appreciate about the gloss is while it doesn't deliver much color, it does offer a nice shimmery look and it doesn't have that waxy taste that some lip glosses possess.

The Kohl Eyeliner is absolutely gorgeous against my brown skin. It gives a beautiful gold shimmery tone in one fell swoop. No negatives for likability here.

Staying Power

The Kohl Eyeliner gets an "A" for staying power. I tend to rub my eyes during the day (working on the computer all day) but the eye liner is still holding on by end of day. As far as the Presso Lip Gloss, I don't know of any lip gloss that stays on all day. I mean after all, you do have to eat right? It does however last between meals so it gets an "A-" from me.

I have an overall postive opinion of both the Presso Lip Gloss and the Kohl Eyeliner. I would rate the Lip Gloss a 7.5/10 and the Eye Liner a 9/10.

I realize others my have a different opinion of these products but I have to say that if nothing else, you HAVE to get the gold Kohl Eyeliner! I didn't even think I would like how this eye liner would look on me but I am really feeling it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, Your comments on the L'Oreal Lip Gloss & Kohl Eyeliner were very percise. It is true that the shades in the lip gloss tube look great through them , but once you put it on the shade is lighter than what it looks like. How was the consistency of the lip gloss? Did it have a scent.


Michelle said...

No scent really but the consistency was nice. It was real waxy or oily like some lip glosses. I just wish it had better color. Maybe on lighter skin the color shows up but on medium to dark skin African Americans it will do nothing more than give you some shine with a little bit of a glittery look.

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