Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beautifying Ugly Skin Naturally

So your skin is your pride and joy right? If you have unsightly acne or other skin conditions, it can be somewhat embarrassing right? Well, what if you found natural products that have the ability to beautify that ugly skin? Not, that you are an ugly person. Pretty people can have ugly skin. This is a matter of the condition of your skin and if it's healthy or not.

I've suffered with acne, dry patches, oily skin and uneven skin tone. With each of these skin conditions, I've discovered some pretty effective remedies to beautify my skin when it was ugly. By the way, it made me feel ugly too!

During the winter months many people who have seemingly normal skin, suffer with dry patches that resemble eczema. Present! Acne is also a common problem among many, especially those with oily skin. Then once the acne has healed, uneven skin tone can be a result. Present again!

For the acne, I tried Proactiv. I tried products formulated with salicylic acid and benzol peroxide. None of these worked for me. Now, they may work for you but I suspect that if you are still reading this post, it hasn't. While everyone's skin is made up of the same basic layers(epidermis, dermis and subcaneous tissue) people respond differently to different skin treatments. I am at a place now where I opt to look for natural herbal remedies over pharmaceutical based treatments. I discovered three products that I am having a LOT of success with treating acne, minimizing oil production AND smoothing dry patches. I'll share where you can get these three products in a bit but first, here's what they are and how they work:
  • Young Living's Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil - Purification or Acne Serum for acne prone skin and oily skin to minimize oil production

  • AHA Night Time Facial Peel - AMAZING for smoothing dry patches and evening out skin tone.

  • Result: Minimized frequency of excess oil production in the skin, less acne break outs and faster healing from breakouts

These products are nature's gift and have seriously improved the condition of my skin. The oils, the AHA facial peel AND drinking lots of water have made the difference between me having ugly skin and having healthier more vibrant looking skin.

To learn more about Young Living's Purification Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil or Acne Serum, visit You will need a distributor # to purchase. Use 1066504

Click > AHA Night Time Facial Peel to learn more about what AHAs do for your skin and to purchase.

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