Sunday, April 26, 2009

Upcoming Events & Business Update

It's amazing how fast 2009 is passing us by. I've been so busy with running my business that I sometimes wonder where the time has gone. I wanted to write a little short post to share a bit about what's going on in the life of my business, Reviyve LLC.

Mother's Day is around the corner and there are so many things planned. For starters, I am in the midst of participating in Online Shopping Mall's Mall Crawl that started on April 24th and runs through May 1st. This is a great opportunity for you to pick up some amazing products for Mother's Day Gifts. I have not had the opportunity to look at all of the available products at the mall, in addition to my own but I did come across a unique product line that I just had to share. It's called Brain-athon Emporium. Brain-athon Emporium is owned and operated by a lovely woman named Cindy Powers. She offers books, games, software and a host of other stuff to develop and challenge your critical thinking skills. Some of the products are for children but I think these products are also good for aging individuals because when the mind is occupied, there's less of a chance of memory loss, Alzheimer's and other deteriorating mental conditions. So stop by Cindy's page at Online Shopping Mall. You'll find some good items there at 15% off. This is an unadvertised special so I'm not going to give you the discount code or the website. You'll have to stop by the Online Mall Crawl for yourself :-)

Next on my agenda is my daughter's high school shopping event. They are having a two day sale a few days before Mother's Day and the PTA president has graciously chosen my products to sell at the fundraiser. I've assembled some really nice aromatherapy soy candles in decorative organza bags as well as sets of 3 shea butter and soy travel size soaps in decorative organza bags. I don't normally sell the soap on my site but had them specially handcrafted for this fundraiser to keep things affordable for the kids. The items will sell for $10 and $7 respectively.

After the school event, I head up to Buffalo, NY (8 hour drive there and 8 hour drive back!)for the World's Largest Yard Sale. This event is the day before Mother's Day and has been advertised for weeks. Since, it's Mother's Day I am offering an assorted set of Gift Sets along with some aromatherapy candles. I believe these will sell very well (I'll share on my trip when I return). As an incentive to buy, my husband is planning to give away free coffee samples with every order. A little birdie told me that Buffalo is a coffee drinking town!

After these events, I will be doing some networking every other month at some events in Westchester County where I live. There's a monthly event hosted by Westchester Networking for Professionals. This is a great place to make connections with other like minded business owners and entrepreneurs so if you live in the area, check out the site and try to attend a mixer.

Then, that brings me to October. Last year I attended the Circle of Sisters Expo in NYC at the Jacob Javits Center. I handed a lot of information out about my business as well as sold some products. The cost however to attend this event is a little outrageous. $1,500 for a table for two days and the second day is not even a full day. I realize this is NYC but come on. I'm going to tell you all about the event from last year in a post as I get closer to the event. Some of you may be thinking, "Why is she going again if it's so expensive?" Well, I'm not paying this year. That's how. Well, I'll be paying to get into the event as a spectator but while I'm there, I will hand out approximately 200 samples, distributing to anyone I come across, along with my business card information and brochures. I noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs were there last year doing the same thing and apparently it isn't prohibited. What I won't do is block the tables of other business owners who paid to be there. More on that later...

So, that's it for now but I'm looking to do some other things before this year is out. I've not been afforded the opportunity to work very much on my Search Engine Optimization for my websites so I'm taking things offline to get the word out about my product line, Blended Naturals and to make some more money so that maybe some day I can use an SEO company.

Say a prayer for me (for those who actually pray!). No luck here. I don't believe in it. With luck, someone wins but others have to lose (bad luck). With God's blessing, everyone can win.

Have a Blessed Day!


Snowberry Creek said...

I'm saying a prayer for you. You are a dynamo! Wish I could harness a little of your energy, you could sell it and make a fortune. Wishing you many blessings.

Gabbriella said...

I will cover you in prayers....miss you....

Barbara, PTSA President said...

We will have a wonderful school sale and safe travels for upstate!!!!

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