Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nutritive Cleanse - Day 5 A Wash

Hi there-

It's day 5 of the cleanse and I've decided to cut it down to 4 days. Now some of you may be thinking, "Dag, couldn't she just make it one more day?" Well, the answer is no. Not because I was freaking out for food or anything either.

So, this is going to be TMI for some of you so if you want to stop reading now, that's your prerogative. It's all about my BM (bowel movement). Apparently because I didn't eat any food and the nutritive drink was full of fiber, it was binding me up! In the directions for the cleanse it says you can eat certain foods in between the drinks (apple, plum, pear, rice cracker etc). I had to be all hard core and do it with nothing and now I'm all stopped up! So, I decided to stop and start eating food again. I used to have a BM at least once a day and since I started the nutritive cleanse, which is to regulate blood sugars and alkanize my body, I have only gone once in the four days. Not cool for me so I'm started back eating last night. I was very good too. No more desires for junk food, praise God. I had a plate of brocoli and some ground turkey meatloaf. Not bad. Today I'm having more brocoli and grilled chicken. Brocoli is the common theme you see? It makes me go!

I just want to say that this cleanse has taught me that I do have the power to exercise self control and now that's what I am going to do. I will not be putting crap back into my body and I will only be eating meat 2-3 times per week. I'm going to focus my diet on fish, fruits and veggies which also act as natural detoxers. I'll update my photo in another week and a half. My face is already clearing but I want everyone to see the complete results.

I'll not be reporting back on my BMs obviously because who could care! lol

I want to thank everyone who offered encouragement. It was truly an accomplishment not to have any food for 4 days.


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Snowberry Creek said...

Congratulations, Michelle! That's quite an accomplishment. No desire for junk food, hmmmm. I do like chicken, broccoli, fruits and veggies, but I like steak and chocolate, too. I'm bad. :)

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