Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brighten It and Bring It

Your skin can be one of your best features or one of your worst. The good news is whatever condition your skin is in, while you are working to improve your skin’s health, you can brighten it up and make it appear more radiant by the colors you wear on your top half.

It doesn’t matter if you have pale or dark skin; certain colors have the ability to bring out the beauty in your skin tone. Isn’t that wonderful? I know that I have yet to arrive at the “Your Skin is All That Baby” destination. However, while working towards the goal, there are changes than can be made to your wardrobe that will help you to look your best…for the moment!

Below are recommended colors that you can wear on your top half to reduce the appearance of blemishes and make your skin look more radiant:

Pale/Light Skin Tone: Wear bright clear colors like Orange/Red, Lavender, Deep Purple, Blues and Emerald Green.

Golden/Rosey Skin Tone: Wear earth toned colors such as browns, yellows (including yellowish greens), greens, pink, blue in all shades. Black is also acceptable for a slimming effect

Olive Brown Skin Tone: Pink and orange are your best colors. Aqua blue looks good on you as well

Dark Skin Tone: Wear colors like plum, ruby red, and forest green

Here’s to Fresh, Radiant Skin!

Work Towards it and Bring It


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